New FSX Video – L-39C Formation Flight KMYF-KCNO

Recently flew a  couple Lotus L-39C’s for a fun formation flight from San Diego’s Montgomery Field (KMYF) to Chino (KCNO), home of world famous Flo’s Airport Cafe.



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New FSX Pilot Report – Ant’s Airplanes T-28D Trojan

T28D107 T28D212 Credit Ant’s Airplanes

In all seriousness, as soon as you sit in the cockpit you are immediately aware of a couple things, first – the real-world T-28 is a serious, complex, high-performance machine befitting its’ role as lead-in trainer for the first couple generations of jet-powered fighter aircraft, and second – Ant’s Airplanes has attempted to recreate that seriousness, complexity and performance with as much accuracy as is possible within the FSX platform.


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New Plane Joins the Stable – Simulator Flying

Really excited about a new T-28D Trojan from Australia’s Ant’s Airplanes developer.

T28D106 T28D108


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Train Like You Fly / Fly Like You Train

New post covering recent developments combining Real World Flying and Simulator Flying.


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New Video – 2013 IAC Power Primary Tutorial in FSX

In this video, I fly the RealAir Simulations Decathlon through the 2013 IAC Power Primary sequence and provide realistic in-cockpit views, with voice tips and techniques, and cover box-awareness.


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New Video – 2013 IAC Power Primary Demonstration flown in FSX

I have posted a new training video for flying IAC style competition aerobatics in FSX.

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IAC 36 Hammerhead Roundup Aerobatic Competition 4-12/13

Looking forward to volunteering at my first competition of the 2013 aerobatic season.  I will be at Borrego Springs (L08) northeast of San Diego on Saturday for a full day of competition aerobatics (weather permitting).

I am not flying at this contest, instead I will be volunteering as a Recorder – basically I will write down the score and observations for each figure for each competitor as the Line Judge calls them out.  Typically there are 5 Line Judges, and this is a great opportunity to learn what the Judges are looking for in terms of scoring well as a competitor eventually.

If you are in the Southern California area Friday or Saturday, consider stopping by Borrego Springs.


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Welcome to the AcroGimp Blog!

My name is John and I am the AcroGimp, a below-knee amputee pilot.  You can check the About page for more of my personal details.

I have established this blog to provide a place for me to capture my thoughts and experiences across the spectrum of real-world, flight simulator ,and remote control aviation.

Here I will capture links, photos and videos, articles and other data that I either create or have found helpful.

I hope you enjoy it!


AcroGimp with a friend’s Extra 300L

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